Handling Medical Malpractice Related To Breast Cancer

Through diligent activism, breast cancer awareness groups have succeeded in raising public awareness of the high rate of breast cancer, and have raised billions of dollars in support of treatment and the search for cures and prevention. Unfortunately, awareness of medical malpractice and its contribution to breast cancer is less well-known.

Doctors analyze mammograms every day. The misreading of a mammogram, the failure to diagnose breast cancer and the failure to order a biopsy when a lump or other symptom is detected can lead to a delay in treatment and life-threatening problems. Tumors can grow, cancer can spread to lymph nodes and other areas, and cancer can metastasize. Radical and total mastectomies may be required — which could have been prevented had detection and treatment been handled correctly.

If you suspect that you or a loved one’s breast cancer was handled incorrectly by your doctor or other medical care provider, contact us. We can help.

Obtaining Compensation For Victims Of Breast Cancer Medical Malpractice

Our lawyers at MetroLaw.Com in New Jersey and New York have handled thousands of personal injury and medical malpractice claims, including multiple breast cancer cases involving six-figure financial recoveries. Too often, doctors, radiologists, obstetricians and gynecologists fail to request biopsies upon suspicion of breast cancer, leading to possibly preventable surgeries, the spread of cancerous cells and, in some cases, wrongful death.

Attorney Robert Solomon is experienced and aggressive in pursuing financial compensation for the victims and the families of victims of medical malpractice. Many of our clients were diligent and proactive in monitoring their risk of breast cancer, yet received poor medical treatment. Doctors are sometimes unlikely to follow up on early symptoms of breast cancer, negating the advantages of early detection and putting patients at serious risk. If you suspect your breast cancer medical care was handled improperly, we can help.

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