Helping Victims Of Physical Abuse In Nursing Homes

Sometimes a nursing home injury is more than just an accident or a case of negligence. If your loved one suffered a nursing home injury as the victim of physical abuse, it is abundantly clear that they have not received the excellent and attentive care they deserve. Your family has every right to take action, get proper medical care and seek just compensation.
There is no excuse for physical abuse at a nursing home, and at the law offices of MetroLaw.Com, our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the victims of this abuse from our office in Newark, New Jersey, and in New York. With over 30 years of personal injury and trial experience, we are ready to protect your family during this difficult time and stand up to nursing home negligence.

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Physical abuse in nursing homes is all too common, and in most cases it is the result of poor training, poor staffing and poor supervision. It is the responsibility of your nursing home to properly monitor their staff, as well as their patients. Poor practices in both hiring and management can lead to dangerous situations for residents in any number of ways.
Physical abuse is often the result of staff members’ high frustration level, but that is no excuse. No amount of frustration with patients or fellow staff members could ever rightly justify a staff member using excessive force to restrain a resident, never mind a staff member beating up a sick or elderly patient.
Incidents involving staff members are not the only type of physical abuse in nursing homes. Altercations and incidents of physical abuse also occur between fellow residents. Poor supervision of patients can allow for these types of problems, and as a result patients can suffer broken bones, legs, ribs and in some cases catastrophic injuries.

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Your family has every right to hold a nursing home responsible when your loved one has suffered physical abuse at the hands of a staff member or fellow resident. Offering free initial consultations, an attorney at our firm can answer your questions during our weekly business hours or an after-hours appointment. We offer Spanish and Portuguese translation services in house. Contact us online, or call 800-469-6476 today.